ACI’s Investment Process

ACI Investment process flowchart

ACI Investment Approach

Alida Capital International welcomes applications from startup and emerging biopharmaceutical companies that meet the syndicate’s discerning investment criteria.

Initial Connection

A referral is the ideal way to engage with ACI. Priority is given to companies referred to ACI via its trusted network. Alternatively, a non confidential Executive Summary can be sent to This will be reviewed by the ACI Gatekeeper in the first instance.

Screening Committee Meeting

The ACI Screening Committee is composed of experienced business angels. The company will be invited to submit their Business Plan and presentation for review following clearance by the ACI Gatekeeper. ACI members interested in following up will be selected to lead the due diligence process.

Due Diligence

Median time to complete due diligence is two months. One ACI member will lead the process on behalf of the ACI syndicate. Following the due diligence process, companies are referred to the Investment committee for final approval.

Please only submit Executive Summaries that meet ACI's Investment Criteria.

Submit Executive Summary

Key Investment Criteria

  1. • Biopharmaceutical
  2. • Addresses an unmet medical need
  3. • Commercially attractive market
  4. • Development stage: Clinical
  5. • Strong IP position
  6. • Experienced management team
  7. • Clear exit strategy