Key Investment Criteria

  1. Biopharmaceutical
  2. Addresses an unmet medical need
  3. Commercially attractive market
  4. Development stage: Clinical
  5. Strong IP position
  6. Experienced management team
  7. Clear exit strategy

Funding & Support

ACI's Investment Approach

Alida Capital International seeks talented entrepreneurs, rooted in Scotland, passionate and execution-driven, whose technology addresses areas of unmet medical need that are commercially attractive. Each investment opportunity is considered on an individual basis and on its fit with ACI's strategy.


ACI focuses on companies in the life sciences sector, specifically biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


ACI investments are dedicated to startups and emerging companies where proof of relevance data has been generated and a clear regulatory strategy identified. A strong intellectual property (IP) position is essential.


ACI is committed to growing Scotland’s life science sector. Thus the prospective applicants must have a centre of gravity in Scotland.


ACI’s initial investments are typically in the £500,000 to £2,000,000 range. Leading investment rounds, ACI frequently takes a board seat. ACI also actively invests alongside other groups and individual angels, as well as venture capital firms.

We adopt an open and positive approach to each investment opportunity, and aim to provide constructive feedback to the companies / entrepreneurs who approach us for funding.

Once committed, ACI supports its investments with hands on practical assistance, and works with the companies, both prior to and following investments, to ensure that shareholder value is maximised.