Alida Capital International Ltd (ACI) is a successful syndicate of business angels who provide capital and practical assistance for emerging biopharmaceutical companies.

Collectively, ACI members make investments ranging from £500,000 to £2,000,000 in start up and early/mid-stage life science companies.

Since it was established in 2009, ACI has injected over £15 million investment into Scottish life science companies.

ACI’s smart investment in Scotland generates opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to succeed in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to accelerate emerging companies to significant value inflection points and, in so doing, secure outstanding financial returns for our members.


ACI has an exceptional network into innovation centers around the world. As such, ACI's deal pipeline is continually supplied and creates a high quality pool of potential investment for our members.

ACI is also a co-investment partner with the Scottish Investment Bank which helps facilitate matched funding where necessary. In addition, the international scope of ACI facilitates the channeling of inward capital investment into Scotland.

Corporate Structure

ACI is a private, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The syndicate is comprised of over 20 private individuals with extensive experience as entrepreneurs, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have successfully founded and developed world-class enterprises. Its members are drawn from a wide range of industries and together form a comprehensive network of entrepreneurial support. In addition, the ACI management team has a reputation for delivering some of the best returns for investors in the healthcare industry.

The Board of Directors is formed from its members and Hugh S. Griffith is ACI's CEO and Gatekeeper.